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1. Where does the teaching take place? 

Evesham Leisure Centre and Aztec Watersports


2. Who teaches the children?

A team of volunteers. David Shortell runs the entire pool organisation. Look at the "Members" page.


3. Can adults watch the pool sessions?



4. How do I get to Evesham Leisure Centre?

Look at the "Find Us" page


5. How do we get to Aztec Watersports?

Look at the "Find Us" page.


6. How far do children have to swim before participating in kayaking?

25 Metres.


7. What are the benefits for a child to learn kayaking?

Team working skills, confidence in themselves, First Aid knowledge and ability to kayak in future on any river within a team.


8. What do the children have to wear?

Swim suits with a T-shirt, not optional for health and safety.


9. How do we make donations for the sessions? 

Cash or cheque on the day or in advance.


10. What hazards are there to my child?

Fear of the water needs to be overcome, when going upside down. There is always a life guard on watch and each child participating in a drill is always accompanied by an adult.


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