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Children's Comments

Below are the comments that each child has made on our feedback forms which they kindly complete at the end of the session. 


From the children and and parents session throughout 2019


All very polite and kind

Keep doing what your doing

Very fun , my favourite is upside down part

Brilliant fun

Fantastic well organised, thanks

Really great time had by all

You were amazing

Thumbs up

I loved il, it was amazing

Brilliant fun , feel like a kid again


You did brilliant.

The youth and experience staff created a mix of youth fun experience.

Really enjoyed it thank you.

Yes thank you to all the team and especially Frankie for being patient and nice.

The best part was the rope games

Frankie was really good and helpful she was fun.

Frankie was cool.


From the parents.

The girls had great fun thank you.

Great experience for the lads. Thoroughly enjoyed again thank you.

Great night thoroughly enjoyed it. A fantastic time was had a great few hours spent away from the TV

the girls had great fun thank you.

Great experience for the kids thoroughly enjoyed it thank you.


James and Roger with very very helpful and nice.


It was grrreeeeaaatttt


I really enjoyed it thank you.


Highlight all of it.


Everyone is brilliant.


Really nice and helpful so much fun.


Everyone is so kind.


I had great fun I enjoyed it very much thank you.


Comments from parents.


Fantastic very very good Tommy loved it all people involved very professional 10 out of 10.


Fantastic time for the kids such lovely organisers


Amazing children loved it.


Fantastic opportunity for children to experience something new and useful excellent thank you.


What a wonderful activity thank you all who give the time so winningly :)


Brilliant thank you?


Roger was the best.



Thanks to all of the staff they were helpfull.


Thanks very much to Vicky, she was really good.


Thanks :-)


If you come youll love it and they do other stuff like Scuba diving.



I really enjoyed it


I enjoyed the paddling


The team were all fun and very helpfull.


No comment needed , great staff


Thankyou Rae for helping me get my confidence back now I can finally do it.




Keep doing a good job


Amazing lovely people, very kind and help you but dont make you do things you dont want to. x x x


I liked Martin alot


Good job Martin especially


Thank you for giving me an unforgetable experience


It was good fun



Good fun doing kayaking




Thankyou :-)


Good fun I would like to come again


Thankyou I had alot of fun





I would like to do it again

You are very good


Thank you

Parent; well organised and lots packed into the time


All I could say is its epic

I loved it

Parent; Thank you for a fantastic party. The children had a brilliant time and learnt so much. Thanks.


Beth was so funny.


Parent; They were very helpful.


It was a fun session.


More paddling.


Very funny and nice. I liked going upside down.



It was really fun and a good experience.


I really like the games and the paddling in the kayak.


Parent: super session- both boys really enjoyed it!! Will spread the word to everyone I know!.


Parent: My daughter was really smiling especially throwline + games and cpr. I've shared on Facebook and recommended

( as always ) thanks  


I really really enjoyed it. IT WAS GREAT!


John and Samantha were very helpful and I enjoyed going upside down with them.


I think my favourite bit was when we learned how to spin round and round!!! I do recommend my friends coming!! Thank you


I thought it was really fun the team were really helpful and supportive!.


It was very fun and me and my friends enjoyed it loads and the helpers were very nice.

I really enjoyed it all the staff was brilliant and thank you.


I found it very educational and lots of fun.


I very much liked it and enjoyed it! I had so much fun now if I'm in a serious problem  I can now fix it! I had so much fun thank you! I would recommend this to other children.


Absolutely outstanding, team is amazing and friendly. Can I come again!!! .


Helpful and fun.



From Parents

It was a brilliant session, the kids thoroughly enjoyed it and learned loads.


Very pleased


Fantastic session the girls thoroughly enjoyed it.


Brilliantly organised! The team are very friendly and approachable. All the children were smiling constantly. Well done David and your super team!!


Excellent session. It was a shame that our group didn't get to do the boat game in the throw line rescue section.


Excellent well planed session, extremely professional and supportive team.

Every child should do this, learning essential life saving skills while having fun.


Thank you to all the TCKCT team.


Excellent session. Very informative.


The event was a bit unorganized and the switching around was confusing because I was unsure where to go



            21st January's comments

  • Perhaps races wouuld be good

  • Zak was great

  • Really enjoyed today, wish i could have been with my friend

                ( Friend was poorly )

  • Good session loved upside down drills

  • All things brilliant, David was awesome


                     From Parents:-

  • Great activity thankyou

  • Looked like great fun , my daughter really enjoyed it.

  • We would love Saoirse & Patrick to do this every week



14th January's comments


  • a* team

  • you are good team

  • it was very fun, i would like to do it so many times

  • thet are really good

  • they are perfect

  • fab team

  • I learned a lot of skills doing this session, I didnt know any skills #thanks team




7th January's comments


•  I loved it dont change anything plz x x

•   :-)

•  They are very good

•   Great time, thanks

•    Brill


                    From Parents:-

•   An excellent session, both of my    

   Children looked like they were  

   thoroughly enjoying it.


•    Well organised, a reminder text a

     couple of days before may be helpful.